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Six Weeks
of Summer

By N. West

Emory Watson just got dumped. Unfortunately, that's only the third-worst part of her day. She's also four weeks pregnant ... and one day homeless. 

Rural Indiana has seen its share of teen moms: That’s not the problem. The problem is, Emory is considering not keeping the baby. 


Broke and desperate, Emory takes a temp job working on an assembly line at a manufacturing plant. The job comes with a ruthless boss who might be connected to the Russian mob, wildly eccentric coworkers, and a mandatory jumpsuit. But it also comes with unexpected allies, room for rent in a Pepto-pink house, and a new spark of courage.


Emory will need that courage when a factory lockdown puts her coworkers in danger—and forces her to confront her options.  


Six Weeks of Summer is about growing up by the seat of your pants, finding family and belonging in unexpected places, and gathering the courage to listen to your own heartbeat.


N. West is the pen name of Noelle W. Ihli. When she's not working on her next novel, Noelle moonlights as a marketing content writer and spends quality time with her husband, children, and cat. She has a soft spot for all things cherry-flavored and has eaten an embarrassing amount of cherry pie filling in her lifetime.

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